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FlowPro is a diverse tool, that can assist your business in multiple ways. Below are a few examples how it could help you.


Kickstart Your Employees

Example workflow (New Employee)
Example workflow (New Roles & Responsibilities for job)

Employees will have their roles mapped out for them in a way that is crystal clear and easy to follow. That means no more excuses if things go wrong!

There is no need to reinvent the wheel every time a new worker starts at your company. Avoid the time an effort it takes to teach someone the ropes. FlowPro can do the hard work for you.



Offers a blended training solution that sets your new employees up with clear instructions. FlowPro is also ideal for competency-based training.

Refresh staff training with real and up-to-date knowledge, in context. Create a hub with true and reliable information across all media, processes and knowledge domains.


Manage Your Content With Ease

FlowPro can streamline the way you access your documents and other content.

By representing that content visually, and in a more dynamic way than old-fashioned file-and-folder systems, it makes finding the files you need faster and easier.

Work smarter. Escape directory based storage methods that predate the internet. Files and folders? We live in the technology age, people!


Join the 'Knowledge in Context' Revolution

Businesses are made up of a whole array of different departments which work and information flows between.

FlowPro helps put every piece of the overall puzzle together, in context, and thus enables you (and others) to see the bigger picture.

When your whole work team is aware of the bigger picture, it creates a more transparent, co-operative and productive work environment.


IP Retention (Fight Attrition)

Workplace attrition is a real problem for business. Unexpected retirements, leave entitlements or redundancies can leave a business without its most important resource - its people. FlowPro gives you the opportunity to capture knowledge from your leaving staff before it becomes too late. Save valuable time and consolidate invaluable expertise and experience by downloading your staff knowledge into our expert business process and documentation tool.


Integrate Policies, Procedures and Forms

Draw all your business processes and tools together in the one place, providing rich media experiences, including interactive forms, directly within the process. *Example form


Improve Accountability

Worry about what to do instead of how to do it by ensuring clarity in the expectations of staff and management alike.

Make yourself redundant by allowing others to complete your work

Make permanent positive change to your business and stop employees from worrying how to complete a task by giving them a clear instruction manual.


Mergers & Acquisitions (Data Room)

Store your data securely in house or online. Allow permissions to only those you want to have access to your data.


Quality Management (ISO9000)

Bring your business up to ISO9000 standards in the most efficient way possible, which will result in real savings in outlay.

Employees will be happier, customers more satisfied. Watch your company's productivity increase, and your profits as well.

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