Business Capabilities

FlowPro has many different capabilities that allow your business to become more efficient. Check out some of the capabilities below.


Put Knowledge in Context

We live in a visual world. FlowPro allows you to communicate data visually, and easily, across knowledge and business domains.

Rows and cells are about as suited to the modern world as the dinosaur (or the floppy disk, RIP!). People today still use clunky tables which do not effectively document the complexities in a business. Just so they can sit there, not being read by anybody.


Adapt and Change

FlowPro is unique in that it can adapt to changing processes and achieve the quality improvement dream not afforded by other solutions. Toss out numbered bullet-points and folder structures with your old floppy disks.

No matter how complex or multi-faceted a process is, FlowPro gives you the power to represent it in a clear and simple manner.

Tap into resources such as forms, videos, rich media and spatial information to help you share your knowledge and insights with the user in a context that is relevant to them.


Take Command of Workflow

Take the risk out of assigning tasks.

Flowpro improves accountability, and thus drastically reduces the chances of employees taking a wrong turn when carrying out procedures. Yes, even those employees who always manage to take a wrong turn.

Demonstrate complex and interconnected work processes and procedures that traditional sequential models simply cannot communicate effectively by reducing them to bite-sized chunks that people can take on more easily.


Customise For Location

Create and search for information in a geographical context.

FlowPro utilises Geographical Information System (GIS) technology to enable easy adjustments according to location.

Benefit from a comprehensive library of over half a million points of interest, encompassing everything from Google locations to mineral deposits, and create custom locations relevant to your business.


Secure Your Information

Control who has access to your workflows, processes, files and other rich content. It is amazingly simple to expose or restrict information for specific individuals, divisions or companies.


Search and You Will Find

Make your business information searchable, and further exploit your existing information assets.

Create transparency into your business processes, across employees from new to old.


Share Safely

Industry standard and military grate encryption ensures security when storing and transmitting files.

There is plenty of flexibility in deciding exactly who has access to which files.


Support: We've Got Your Back!

Our team of experts based in Brisbane, Australia, offers comprehensive support, should you need it and our SaaS (Software as a Service) support is easy for anybody to use.

There is even an option to host your own support service offline! You can also depend on Microsoft Enterprise Data Centres in North America, Singapore and Australia.

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