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business workflow solution.

Automate all your business processes, and make it trivial to communicate work between your staff and each of your online software tools. Predict mistakes before they happen and automate menial tasks using our business productivity and artificial intelligence platform.

We want to double your staff productivity... How?

Let's see how FlowPro can help your staff concentrate on more meaningful work in four easy steps.


1. Predict - Design your business workflow

Use the easy to use FlowPro workflow designer to describe how your business functions. You can upload videos, images, text, and other content to describe what someone needs to do. Allocate work to the right people. Setup input forms for the steps you need to capture information. You can even contextualize the content based on what information has been captured. Then trigger actions like automatically emailing people, or automatically invoicing customers.


2. Delegate - Delegate tasks and take responsiblity

Create a "Todo" (run your workflow). You can create Todos by using the FlowPro interface or from your existing cloud software. This automatically delegates tasks to people who need to do the work. As a Todo case progresses throughout the workflow, each step can be transferred to the right people. Everybody has a list of easy to use "Todos" that they work through.


3. Automate - Automate time wasting activities

As your staff does work, activities can happen completely transparent to the user. We can create invoices, new client records, send and receive emails. This is only the start of some of our 400+ tested cloud integrations!

We also monitor the work as it is done, and can warn senior managers about unexpected delays or massive changes to quality of work delivered. Ask us about our Artificial Intelligence Expert (AIE) currently in Beta.


4. Learn - Measure performance and make improvements

Examine the difference between your expectations and actual: revenue, earned value, costs and other KPIs. Determine bottlenecks and encourage improvements. Work with your team to set personal and group goals, and concentrate on LEAN or revenue generating activities.

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For the first time in year, I could finally take some time off. It was FlowPro, which gave me the confidence that my employees would get the job done. I am thankful the way FlowPro has changed my life.
Christopher Drake
FlowPro is one of those tools that every business owner should be using. I really liked how quickly I could document my business and share it with my staff. Thanks!
Nish Bandara
Aspire Engineering.

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